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IT Specialist Prieur Leary Believes in the Importance of Technology

April 20, 2019

It is perhaps Prieur Leary’s information technology (IT) expertise that makes him a vital cog in many organizations in many industries. Whereas IT is a relatively new industry, many industries have come to depend on their technological systems to do business or charitable work, or whatever they do. The purpose of technology is almost always to make people and groups more efficient and to make it easier to do the jobs and tasks they’ve been assigned. Therefore, when IT systems are not kept up to date, it is difficult for everyone to remain efficient and profitable. That’s why Prieur Leary’s job is so important to every client he works with. He makes them more efficient and more profitable. An IT system that is not kept updated at every level is also a system that is vulnerable to attack by outsiders, so cybersecurity is also very important, which is why his approach to security is so comprehensive.

Cybersecurity is doubly important for Prieur Leary because of his second job as a financial advisor. If he was to allow any sort of laxity in the security of his IT in that space, he could end up costing his financial services clients a lot of money, which would certainly go against his stated purpose in a significant way. Prieur Leary knows better than most about IT security. For example, he knows well that the biggest threats to any IT system are often internal, not external. He also knows that many of the biggest security problems are inadvertent, not intentional.

Information technology (IT) is relatively new, but it is here to stay and most organizations are dependent upon it at just abut every level. And as long as there is IT, Prieur Leary will be around to administer some of it. It’s what he does.